What we do

Dharma Dog NYC offers in-home dog training sessions!


We are devoted to teaching dogs without the use of pain, fear or force.  We teach basic manners, puppy orientation, house-training and behavior modification.

  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • come
  • leave it
  • drop it
  • loose leash walking

Additionally, if you need help because your dog is:

  • Jumping up on you or your guests
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Reacting while on the leash to dogs, people, or moving objects
  • Not responding when you call
  • Eating things off the street
  • Demand barking
  • Suffering when separated from you
  • Needing Basic training
  • Needing House training


they_they-02973We can help you!   Quality of life is important.  Reach out to us.  For our rates, email us with a description of what your needs are and where you are located.