Our Training Philosophy

they_they-02983Dharma Dog NYC is committed to using compassionate training methods.  In working with rewards, we can establish a form of communication that will enhance the bond between you and your dog.  You will actually have fun while you both learn!  Based in positive reinforcement, our techniques are scientifically proven.  We do not use force, fear or pain in our training, and we will not use aversive tools such as choke, prong or shock collars.  We find most of our clients are relieved that they can change their dog’s behavior while remaining a kind guardian to the animal they love.  Our philosophy aligns with authors and trainers Patricia McConnell and Pat Miller.  We can teach, coach and assist you and your companion.  If your scenario or area is beyond our scope, we know many trainers around NYC and can refer you to the best one for you.Ali 2

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